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Anonymous asked: Today I ate: Fruit salad - breakfast Salad with cucumber, baby potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes with chicken and mayo - lunch Snack - spinach with little chicken bits Dinner: Chicken noodle soup with 2x bread Do you think this is bad especially the white bread?? I'm 200lb and want to be around 130lb for September 2014 for college do you think this is possible? I did 30 mins on the treadmill just walking, I'm feeling really down

Diet wise, that sounds pretty good to me; all that food is healthy and you haven’t even snacked so well done ~ A bit of white bread is not going to hurt anyone, don’t get hung up over it :)

Use a BMR calculator (google and loads will come up) to see how many calories you should be roughly consuming for your goals, and I’d advise downloading the app ‘My Fitness Pal’ and using that.

I don’t know your body type and I can’t see into the future re. your goal for september but you can definitely make a huge change over the course of 6 months. Be positive! :) 

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it’s really very simple

it’s really very simple

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Exercises that activate each buttocks muscle : 
MEDIUS - Jumping Jacks 
MAXIMUS - Deep Lunges 
MINIMUS - Squats


Exercises that activate each buttocks muscle : 

  • MEDIUS - Jumping Jacks 
  • MAXIMUS - Deep Lunges 
  • MINIMUS - Squats

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itssjanaa asked: Hi there! I was wondering if you can get me tips on how to get a toned/shaped butt, then gradually make it become bigger if thats possible. I really need help! been struggling for a very long time xx

hey gal, sorry, been neglecting my tumblr somewhat as started uni in september! My arse is pretty good anyway but my boyfriend actually recently gave me a routine that should do what you’ve just asked me haha, so I’ll try and do that consistently over the next month and then if it works i’ll make a proper post explaining about it :) but for now i’d just say try to do 50 squats, forward and backwards lunges a day as those alone will make a difference xx

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Slow motion core workout
Work your “powerhouse”: abs, pelvic floor, glutes and lower back. Great little workout to do when you don’t have that much energy to workout. Play a slow tempo music playlist and just take your time performing the moves.

8 exercices, 15 reps per exercise, perform circuit 3 times. 
1- Dynamic chair pose
2- Glute march
3- Single leg bridge on the right leg
4- Single leg bridge on the left leg
5- Scissors
6- Swimmer kicks
7- Side plank knee raise on the right side
8- Side plank knee raise on the left side

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Anonymous asked: hi i was wondering if you had any advise on what's the best way to get rid of love handles?

You can’t spot reduce, you need to lose fat from all over in order for them to go, so make sure you’re eating healthily and exercising regularly. Then exercises like crunches and planks will help strengthen your muscles in that area (but this will only be effective with the good diet and cardio exercise)

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